Peter D.R. Brown

by Jini Stolk

Peter Brown, whose invaluable contributions were essential to Creative Trust’s development and success, and who joined me on the board of Artscape where his impact was equally invaluable, died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 20th, 2013. We will miss him deeply.

Peter was the ideal colleague and collaborator: keenly intelligent and an ace financial analyst and planner, he was enormously generous with support and advice. He was also charming, mischievous, and an indispensable partner in meetings with government officials, funders, and arts organizations. He was a good man to have a drink with, in good times and bad.

Sandra Pitblado, former Chair of the Creative Trust board, said it well: “Dear Peter kept us all on the straight and narrow and was a force in Creative Trust – always there and always quiet and steady.  What a fine man and weren’t we fortunate to know him and have him in our lives.”

In Peter’s honour, I offer the following piece from the Harvard Review on What Makes a Leader.

Peter Brown

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  1. Shana Hillman says:

    Oh Peter. Where to begin. I noticed when reading the online guest book and then yesterday at the memorial that a common theme was Peter as a mentor to arts managers their careers and I’d have to echo that. He was so helpful to me around analyzing financial statements and annual reports of our members so that I could prepare the grant recommendations/a high level overview of each company’s health for the board.

    But what makes me smile most when remembering Peter is that he was a first class smart ass. Often at CT events or meetings I’d be buzzing around making sure IT worked and people were speaking when they were supposed to (and for not too long!) and that the right materials were ready when needed. Without fail at some point during a lull Peter would sidle up with some smart comment which would make me snort and then we’d be busted.

    He also embraced my dogs who alternated coming to the office, Mr. Cooper especially. When I heard he and Heather were thinking of getting a beagle of their own I flooded him with pictures, listings for homeless hounds and an invite to join the Toronto area Meet-Up group for beagle fanciers. How that didn’t scare him off beagle ownership I’ll never know!

    Thank you Peter, for everything, you will be missed.

  2. Cortney Cassidy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Peter. I remember him well during my time in the early days of Creative Trust. He was definitely a force and a great man to work with. I’m thankful to have had the chance to work with him.
    My thoughts are with his family and everyone he touched.

  3. Anahita says:

    What a sad loss! Peter had the warmest, most sincere smile and exuded generosity and openness. We will miss you.

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