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Board members as donors

by Jini Stolk Should each board member make a personal donation to your organization? Yes. How much should they give? From each according to their ability… I’m not sure why anyone would want to join an arts board without being excited enough about the work to want to personally support it, and bring friends, family […]

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Creating a network of champions

by Jini Stolk It was exciting to be part of the first advisory meeting of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s new Creative Champions Network. Even more exciting was the enthusiasm for bringing arts board members together to learn and connect, and the great new ideas that were generated. The Network’s goal, under the Honorary Chairmanship of […]

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Funding reform

by Jini Stolk Toronto’s arts community enjoys the unique privilege of having arms-length funding bodies at all three levels of government, specifically mandated to support our work. We have the possibility of ongoing operating support; places to go with project proposals; and a built-in connection through peer juries to community feedback and oversight. The Arts […]

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Be it resolved

by Jini Stolk Is it ever too late to make New Year’s resolutions? I think not. It’s certainly never too late to share Vu Le’s list of Ten Resolutions for the Nonprofit Sector for 2015. If you are one of those people who still think the arts are not really, truly, part of the non-profit […]

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Planning to survive

by Jini Stolk I confess. Sometimes I’ve felt good about the fact that Canada has far fewer big charitable scandals than the United States. Whether the story’s about financial malfeasance (United States Navy Veterans’ Association), shady use of donated funds (Wounded Warrior Project), dramatic loss of trust and supporters (Susan G. Komen for the Cure) […]

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After the chill

by Jini Stolk Many of us are feeling a bit warmer…and freer…since Minister Diane Lebouthillier’s announcement calling off the Canada Revenue Agency’s political activities audits. This much criticized review of charities’ involvement in public awareness and advocacy was unveiled in the 2012 Federal Budget which provided CRA with $13.4 million to track down charitable scofflaws. […]

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Exploring the Feasibility: 10 Feasible Tips

by Jini Stolk You have a great idea. It’s been percolating for a good while now and you’re ready to take action. Does this idea have legs? Can you accomplish it? How do you move forward? It’s time for Exploring the Feasibility. At Creative Trust we were very careful to figure out whether our ambitious […]

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Hiring well

by Jini Stolk Hiring can involve both anticipation and anxiety. If you do it right, you can look forward to sunny days, basking in achievements and successes. If you don’t…it’s yours to fix. Here are a few pieces of advice for managers and for board members undertaking what might be their most important job – […]

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Gifts for you

by Jini Stolk The joys of giving and receiving loom large at this time of year. And to my mind the pleasure of giving is much more rewarding than that of getting – happily for those on my seasonal gift list…and equally happily for those of us sending out our year-end donation requests. I think […]

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by Jini Stolk We all make mistakes, but these are some I hope we can avoid in 2016. Dropping past board members like hot potatoes. A number of people have told me they’ve been mystified when a charity they’ve been deeply involved with seems to forget them when they leave the board. Communication dwindles…invitations dry […]

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