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Fundraising tips

by Jini Stolk It’s always interesting to look at the stats. According to Statistics Canada and the team at Hilborn the vast majority of Canadians (82%) made financial donations to a charitable or nonprofit organization in 2013. And, between 2010 and 2013, the total amount Canadians donated to charities or nonprofits  increased by 14% to $12.8 […]

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Fundraising and your board

by Jini Stolk It was recently my pleasure to present a webinar on Fundraising and Your Board for Business for the Arts Mentorship program. Two hours (which felt at first like a very generous timespan) flew by, with interesting questions calling up new thoughts, perspectives and avenues for discussion. I’m hoping that I may have […]

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Saying thanks

by Jini Stolk Now that you’re back in the office, I hope you’ve been busy opening donation envelopes, checking in with Canada Helps, and saying thanks to all those wonderful people who decided to end their year by helping you start yours with money in the bank and joy in your hearts. There’s a lot […]

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Giving Tuesday

by Jini Stolk Mea culpa. I was intending to write about Giving Tuesday in time to offer a little practical advice to those of you wading in this year. But by the time you get this it will all have been either a grand success or a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps I can help […]

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Two gems

by Jini Stolk Site visits by funders seem to be much more common in the States than they are here – although I can’t think of many better ways to gain an understanding of an organization than by visiting its work place. But if you do have a site visit in your future, this piece […]

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Hiring the right fundraising consultant

by guest writer Cynthia J. Armour, CFRE – Here’s some sage advice about finding the right fundraising consultant for your organization, from a leader in the field. Fundraising Consultants come in many forms. If you search them in the yellow pages or Charity Village you’ll find anything from chocolate bar sales to firms that […]

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Crowdfunding: let the people decide

by Jini Stolk Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts launched a crowdfunding campaign this summer for a new city-wide ARTS APP –  an easy-to-use, on-the-go way of finding out who, what, where and when performances are happening. Good on them – I hope it works. Their initiative uses the Toronto Fringe’s fabulous Fund What You Can […]

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Relating to our relational fundraisers

by Jini Stolk Hiring again? An edition of Philanthropic Trends Quarterly which I’ve been rereading deals with retention and turnover of fundraising staff as an ongoing challenge for many nonprofit organizations. And don’t we know it. It points to a national study of nonprofit fundraising in the U.S. by CompassPoint funded by the Evelyn and […]

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Since you’re updating your website…

by Jini Stolk How do I know that many of you are updating your websites? Because two people in the past week, and two people in most other past weeks, have mentioned that that’s what they’re up to. Everyone’s website is in regular need of revision and updating. It’s a little like home renovations: a […]

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Creating fundraising savvy boards

by Cynthia Armour The difficulty of encouraging…persuading…motivating a board to fundraise is possibly the arts manager’s most frequent lament. I am delighted to offer this illuminating guest blog by one of Canada’s most experienced fundraisers, who has years of success in overcoming this and other fundraising challenges. The Arts Managers’ Lament is not a lonely […]

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